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May 17, 2018
Artificial nose surgery
July 15, 2018


Occasionally, the patient wants to secondary nose surgery or Rhinoplasty because of not regarding postoperative care or bad surgery. But keep in mind that wait 1 year after first surgery and perform Rhinoplasty.

Tips to perform Rhinoplasty

  • Have realistic expectations.
  • The complexities of the Rhinoplasty are over greater than the previous series.
  • The inside of the nose should not have injured tissue or very little injured tissue.
  • Wait 1 year after first nose surgery.
  • Rhinoplasty is done rather open or closed method.
  • The duration of Rhinoplasty depends on the type and tissue of your nose.
  • False defects and nose are overcome by the first series.
  • If your nose frame isn’t healthy, you should wait longer time or regardless of surgery.
  • Don’t press your Doctor for Rhinoplasty.

Why must wait 1 year for Rhinoplasty?

There are some people, who immediately after surgery, ask for a rhinoplasty and don’t have enough information in this field. You should know the patients nose is swollen and it shown the nose enlarged for 2 months. And even if after 2 months and sleep swelling of nose you request surgery, in terms of medical science you should wait 1 year. Because the skin of the nose is not attached to the skeleton and the final shape of the nose isn’t clear. And if the skin separate from the nose skeleton, it will be a huge and irreversible disaster. And the patient may also be suffering from depression and mental illness.

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