How long is your leave required after nasal surgery?
July 15, 2018

Postoperative Rhinoplasty:

The word rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery consists of two distinct words, Reno and Plast, which generally means Reno meaning “nose and plasticization”, meaning “correcting” or “beautiful”. Following the practice of rhinoplasty, it is necessary to perform necessary and necessary actions. Observing these points will also improve the treatment process. In this article, we will discuss the subject of post-rhinoplasty surgery.

Postoperative Rhinoplasty:

  • Use soft foods for 2 to 3 days, and try to drink plenty of fluids and start eating regular foods after a few days.
  • When cleaning the gas, if there is blood or clot around the nose, clean them with your head and apply netsclin ointment to the sutures.
  • After undergoing rhinoplasty, the doctor will be admitted for 6 hours, depending on the recommendation of the physician. Of course, in certain cases, it is necessary to stay in the night for one night.
  • Blood secretion will continue for 48 hours or more, the nasal gas should be replaced 4 to 5 times a day. If your blood counts are too common, you should inform your doctor.
  • If you have a nose in your nose after surgery, you can remove it after your surgery or 2 days later.
  • To remove bruises around your eyes from day three through seventh you can use a warm water compressor (lukewarm water).
  • Cold water compresses can increase the healing process and reduce pain and swelling, while in admission, along with nursing measures, take the cold water compressor every 15 to 20 minutes for 5 minutes. After removing the mesh from the nose, use any method that is comfortable or the doctor will advise you to rinse the nose. Repeat this procedure for up to 2 weeks each day several times.

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