Bruising and swelling after nasal surgery
July 15, 2018
Postoperative Rhinoplasty / Postoperative Rhinoplasty
July 15, 2018

How long is your leave required after nasal surgery?

One of the concerns for people who decide to perform a nasal surgery may be a period of leave after nasal surgery. The answer to the question of how much time is required after nasal surgery? It depends on several factors, which we will continue to explain.

As stated above, criteria are important to determine the number of days off after nose surgery, including:

Occupation: Your comfort is important when you see swelling and bruising, a mold or nasal gluing. For this reason, an improved timeline can make decision making easier for you.

The first seven days after nose surgery:

  • Feeling a little discomfort when your nose inflation reaches the highest level within the first 3 days.
  • If you use home remedies you will feel tired and bored.
  • See some swelling and bruises around your nose and eyes
  • Put a mold on your nose for 7 days
  • Feeling heavy for 3 to 7 daysHaving a nasogastric gas unit to get blood and liquids for 3 days
  • Remove and mold from the nose after 7 days

8 to 14 days after nose surgery:

  • Bruises and swelling will recover on your nose or disappear completely.
  • With the help of the makeup, it can be used to cover the effect of sutures that are red and raised.
  • The onset of normal activities other than intense physical activity and exercise.
  • On the 10th day, nasal discharge sutures will begin to come out.

Note: Patients who want to improve their nasal congestion during their leave will be given a two-week leave for them.

15 to 21 days after nose surgery:

  • See the subtle changes on your nose, such as falling over long periods of inflammation.
  • Back to most daily activities
  • You see that the tip of your nose is slightly lower.
  • You can easily wipe off the effect of stitches, which may be a little red.

In general, if you work at home and at the table, it may be best for you to do paperwork for 2 days after surgery. If your job requires you to be active, you must wait 2 weeks to return to work, even if you think you are ready to go back to work sooner. If your occupation and work is related to your appearance (such as an actor or model), it is recommended that you carry out your nose surgery 3 months before you go to the camera.

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