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Nasal Deviation Surgery
May 17, 2018
May 17, 2018

Features of meaty Nose

They look broad and often have no firm bones, meaty nose known for their thick skin, and for nose surgery require experienced specialists and expert surgeons.

Generally, meaty nose need to strengthen the cartilage, because in general, this type of Nose hasn’t strong and enough cartilage to hold nasal components. That is the cause of drooping in the meaty nose and large nose. Nasal surgeon for cosmetic surgery of meaty nose need to thin the nose blades and tighten the nasal cartilage so that it can show the changes made during surgery.

The meaty nose in terms of muscular is weak, that has a great cartilage and meat. The thickness of meaty nose is different in peoples and even in different races. The tip of meaty nose has a lot of fat glands, and the skin in this area of nose is fatty and glossy.

How is surgery done in meaty nose?

The main and important goal in meaty nose is to reduce the meat and remove cartilage in the tissue of one of the nasal parts, which is often seen at the tip of the nose, and add them to the other parts of nose, which is basically at the beginning of the nose. Basically, use the cartilage at the tip of the nose to add to other parts, if the cartilage is low in the tip of the nose or it injured the cause of damage, we use the cartilage from the auricle or vertebral cartilage.

Follow the tips below in meaty nose surgery.

  • The meaty nose can’t be surgery in the form of fantasy and teddy.
  • Avoid of shrining the size of nose, because it causes respiratory problems.
  • Don’t bend the meaty nose.
  • You should know the meaty nose after surgery do not become a small and narrow nose.

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