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July 15, 2018
How long is your leave required after nasal surgery?
July 15, 2018

Bruising and swelling after nasal surgery

If you have recently performed a nasal surgeries and you see a face in the mirror that everyone is bruised, you should not worry. Bruising and swelling after nasal cosmetic surgery are normal and will disappear after some times. You can take care of your doctor’s advice and take them to reduce bruising and swelling. In this article, we will discuss “bruising and swelling after nasal surgery.”

How to confront with bruising and swelling after nasal surgery? Bruising and swelling are a normal part of postoperative recovery. The amount of bruising will depend on various factors, including the surgical procedure and the patient’s own. In addition, factors that affect the amount of bruising and nose inflation are as follows:

Surgical factors

  • Is your nose broken or not (osteotomy surgery)
  • The amount of soft tissue cut or height above the bone / cartilage framework
  • Use open or closed technique in nose surgery

Personal Factors:

  • Age of person.
  • Thickness of nose skin.
  • Blood disorder in the nose.
  • Drugs that dilute the blood.

Effective factors in reducing bruising and intensity of nose inflation:

  • Drugs that consume blood dilutions are forbidden for 2 weeks before nasal surgery, and try to avoid eating them.
  • After taking the medicine, take these medications under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Drugs that dilute the blood include: ibuprofen, heparin, aspirin, anti-inflammation, coumadine, plavix, and the like.
  • For the first 48 hours, ice packets can be used on the cheeks.
  • Keep your head up.
  • This will help you create less swelling in your face.
  • Smoking is prohibited.

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