Artificial nose surgery
July 15, 2018
Bruising and swelling after nasal surgery
July 15, 2018

Bone Nose Surgery

Nose and rhinoplasty are performed for meat and bone nasal passages. Bone diseases are usually found to be disproportionate in half-lives, and these people will never have enough satisfaction with their half-lives.

After the patient visits the doctor, the patient is first consulted and examined. Nasal congestion is described by the patient after nasal examination and nasal skin, which is one of the important factors in nasal surgery. Bony nose has a hump or bulge in the back of the nose. After nose surgery, nose surgeon eliminates these defects using various techniques.

Pre-nasal imaging

After the nasal bone has been determined, the nose surgeon can be taken from the patient in order to be able to identify nasal defects properly. These photos are taken for the benefit of the nose surgeon. There are a lot of them, because they can look at fit nose with other facial features.

The result of bone nose surgery

After bone nose surgery, people are usually more satisfied with fecal nasal surgery, although this is very much related to the nasal surgeon. But because the bony skin has a slight thickness and the nasal skeleton has a sufficient strength, that’s why The nose surgeon concentrates more on reducing the volume of bones and cartilage in the body, and with the creativity of the nose.

After surgery, be sure to use nasal spray on a regular basis.

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