May 17, 2018
Bone Nose Surgery
July 15, 2018

Artificial nose surgery

Today, one of the most difficult surgical techniques is known as aesthetic nose surgery, and one of the most important reasons is the involvement of the aesthetic talent and the art of the surgeon. We will continue to discuss “Artificial Nose Surgery.”

Nose surgery art requires an aesthetic skill that is not taught and is recognized as an inner talent. For example, students of sculpture and painting will all be educated and trained, but only a few of these students are famous and famous. The reason for this is the existence of the inherent talent that will lead these people to the creation of admirable feats. Plastic surgery is widespread, with surgeons graduating from renowned universities and endorsed by a panel of plastic surgeons, are highly qualified in the field of nasal surgery because they are highly talented and skilled in this Background.

In general, you can have a nose in the following ways: nose, large, small, and skin types. A good surgeon can always improve his nose, and this intrinsic talent for the surgeon will give him an overview of all the anatomy of the face for a complete set; for example, taking into account head size, skull shape, Face bones, the location of the eyes, lips, ears, the location of eyebrows and species, and finally the formation of the nose within this head complex in a proportion that is appropriate, it can safely be said that only an experienced surgeon will be experienced and experienced.

How do you know the skill and art of a surgeon?

  • Talk to your doctor and ask your questions and check your response
  • Inquire and talk with other doctor’s patients
  • See previous surgeries and ensure the patient’s desired results
  • See the gallery of preoperative and post-operative physicians

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